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Welcome to my blog. Here is where you will find everything you need to know about myself and my business @ WakeUpNow.

For more resources feel free to click on the My Blog for the best & most useful entrepreneurial tips as well as the About Me portion to learn more about how I became a online entrepreneur. For PDF downloads and more resources before signing up with WUN please go over the details in the #WUNLIFE section.


Jonathan Roumain, Leader @ Empower Network

Dario knows what’s up when it comes to making money online. He’s a hunger-action-taker that doesn’t give up when the going gets tough, an awesome quality to have in a mentor. Highly recommend you get in touch with this guy and follow his guidance! Follow success.

Stacey Ferris, Empower Network

I had no idea that making money online could be so easy! When I found Dario everything started to come together. If you are willing to do the initial work it takes to get things going then you will be amazed at the results! If you are like me and were no longer interested in working for someone else Monday to Friday from 9-5 and want to be your own boss, set your own hours and have the financial freedom to do what you want and to take care of your family then listen to Dario. I cannot tell you how happy you will be that you did. You owe it to yourself. You owe it to your family. Listen to Dario!

Tiffany Woodward, WakeUpNow

I come from a place of struggle and unhappiness; from a world that outlines success for you and expectations on how to obtain it. After following the suggestions of society (going to college, getting a good job in corporate, etc.) and still experiencing struggle at ultimate heights, I decided it was time for a change. What I discovered on my journey is that it is not the laws of man that gets you success, it is the laws of the universe; what you speak into the universe you can obtain as long as your thoughts and actions are well aligned. The universe is eager to give you what you want…society…not so much! WakeUpNow has opened my eyes to extraordinary opportunities to grow as a person and to finally experience TIME and FINANCIAL freedom that was not at all possible by doing things the way average people were doing it. There is no struggle for me thanks to WakeUpNow. I don’t worry about money! I have all the time in the world to spend with my family and the people I care about. If you want to be average – do what average people do. If you want to be extraordinary and successful, follow the lead. Connect with Dario and WakeUpNow and start living instead of just surviving!

Patricio Ferrand,

My journey in online marketing wasn’t easy. I didn’t have any experience in selling or communication,I was shy etc. But I know I needed change, I wanted something more for my future generation, A job won’t give me security, it won’t give me the skills I need to evolve into something better. So I decided to do online marketing, i took my time to find the right one for myself and to learn to promote it. You have one life to live, don’t be scared of trying, discovering a new path for yourself. If there’s a passion, there’s a will, there’s a why, there’s a how, there’s a what. So many new connections you discover, so many stories you will learn, get out there make a name for yourself ,help,enjoy & follow Dario!

Susan Olupitan, Empower Network
Susan Olupitan is a Law of Attraction Life Coach and Entrepreneur who has leveraged the power of the Empower Network products and team support to leverage her various businesses and promote herself.
When she started, she was struggling to promote herself having little knowledge of internet marketing, but with the Empower Network, all that changed.
Learning and then putting into action the tools and techniques offered, she has been able to build what until then, was just an idea.
The best part is, the affordability of Empower Network products compared to what she would have had to pay other companies for the services provided AND becoming an Affiliate, added the bonus of being able to EARN from the products that she is using. 100% commission! AWESOME!
Needless to say, Susan is very happy to be an entrepreneur in the Empower Network.
Talk to Dario and let him guide you in all your online marketing tips and success!